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Hire an Intimacy Coordinator | Based in Los Angeles

I'm Regina Banali

Proud to be one of only 32 US Intimacy coordinators accredited by SAG-AFTRA.  I specialize in Intimacy Coordination for Film and Television. What sets me apart is my significant experience in hyper-exposed work. I relate to the vulnerabilities of screen actors and protect talent from sexual harassment and trauma, thereby protecting the production from liability. Currently working on both SAG-AFTRA and non-union productions.   

What is?
What value do I bring to your set?

• Creates a brave space for actors

• Ensures their boundaries are respected 

​• Models consent-based practices

• Helps you make your day

• Keeps you compliant with unions and guild guidelines

• Achieves believable depictions of simulated intimacy

• Deloaded and desexualized process


What does an Intimacy Coordinator do?

I work alongside casting directors, showrunners, producers, director and crew.

 My services are adaptive to each project. I can provide: 

• Script review - flag scenes that need coordination

• Pre-pro, Assist casting, Nudity riders, Gauge talent's boundaries. 

• On-set support, Modesty garments, Closed set.

• End of day report

• Post-production support

• Aftercare when needed



This is the ground floor of a new crew position. The entertainment community has spoken out, and I am responding to a demand in the industry for change. Affirmative consent is a critical component of a safe workplace environment for actors performing hyper-exposed work. I am here to address the needs and create opportunities for the critical conversations that are the difference between actors walking away happy and feeling angry or exploited.


My experience gives me a passion for protecting artists at work. My background and training gives me the creative skills to construct options to present to the director or to work with the director to achieve their vision with consenting talent. 



Regina Banali




Based in Los Angeles

Regina Banali has over 30 years of on-set experience as an actress, producer, director, and Intimacy Coordinator. As an actress, she has appeared in nude and simulated love scenes in over 40 films and television shows. She is in full compliance with the #TIMESUP guidelines for Intimacy Coordinators' qualifications.

Resume, Letters of Recommendation, and clean background check available upon request

Has been accredited by SAG-AFTRA as a qualified Intimacy Coordinator. 

Completed over 75 hours of Intimacy Direction/Coordination Training including the following training, certifications, and areas of experience:

Intimacy Work Best Practice

Intimacy Choreography

Directing actors / Acting- Scene Study

On-set etiquette

Simulated sex scenes in film and television / Sexual dramaturgy

The Psychology of Sex and Gender

The current SAG-AFTRA guidelines

California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance

Bystander Intervention / Conflict De-escalation

Unconscious Bias

Affirmative Consent

Mental Health First Aid / Trauma

Sexual Health awareness

Movement - Laban for Performance


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