I have been advocating for having a point person on set and guidelines in place for doing nude scenes since 1999. We are now in the post #METOO period in Hollywood and it is more critical now than ever to ensure actors in your production feel safe and have given an enthusiastic verbal agreement to perform the actions in advance. 

​After interviewing dozens of working actors, I have developed my own technique for intimacy coordinating based on their stories and my experience doing the work. I have over 25 years of on set experience as an actress, producer, and director. I have appeared in nude and simulated love scenes in over 40 films and television shows myself which has given me a unique background for understanding the needs and concerns of actors, consent, boundaries, communication, and sexual harassment. 

​Filming intimate (simulated sex) scenes has in the past been an unregulated, largely improvised awkward experience. Simulated sex scenes are so much better when the actors are choreographed and have created a way of expressing the characters emotions that are specific and not just thrown together to improvise. I act as a liaison between the director and actors to help the director achieve their vision. I am also here for the sake of the production, story, keeping a shooting schedule and protecting the studio against legal liability. 

I help create the best possible scene while protecting actors against a myriad of potential issues that can and do present themselves while shooting nudity and simulated sex, to guard their safety and make sure they are comfortable and free to let their walls down and focus on the performance. 

I will adapt my services to fit  the needs of each project. There are many services an intimacy coordinator can provide including but not limited to:

   • Reading the script and flagging scenes that need coordinating. 

   • Being brought in to discuss boundaries with actors before or after they are cast and negotiating nudity riders.

   • Choreographing the actions of a scene to best fulfill the director's vision while respecting the boundaries of the players. 

   • Talking to each actor privately to listen to their concerns and making sure their needs are met, and their boundaries are clear. 

   • Coordinating with the actors, director, and wardrobe department and providing the ideal modesty and barriers for actors to prevent or obscure arousal non concordance. 

   • Commissioning merkins or prosthetics from FX artists. 

   • Making sure the set is closed, being present during filming for support, breath mints, to watch the monitors and/or make sure they are turned off and of course to fly in robes at "CUT!".

   • Being in post production to sign off on contractual obligations or MPAA specs if applicable.